Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Menegroth - Das rote Werk

Katjuscha is the russian name for a mobile rocket launcher used by the soviets in WWII, the name of a traditional russian folk song, and also one of the nick names used for Yekaterina. The probably most famous Yekaterina was Yekaterina Alexeevna also known as Catherine the great, tsarina of Russia. I'm giving you this history lesson because this is where the latest Menegroth album "Das rote Werk" starts to grind on you. Furthermore, I have no clue what else to write because the whole concept is pretty much one of the best I ever saw in the Black Metal scene and you just have to listen to it on your own. With this, I'll leave you and I'm giving the word to Sig P. frontman of the Munich based Military Pop project Spreu & Weizen. Class dismissed!


Origin: Switzerland
Founded: 2001
Style: Black Metal
 Type: Full-length
 Year: 2012
 Label: Darker than Black
 Digipack CD


I rarely saw a release that was so misinterpreted and misconstrued among the Black Metal fans like the new Menegroth album. The usual Menegroth listeners seemed to be downright distraught, others considered this as a sarcastic joke. I never felt so close to Marxism like ever before when I was plucking the lyrics apart. This album is not a tribute to bolshevism as we know it, the focus definatly lies on the old Menegroth patterns which consist: Totalitarianism, alchemy, mysticism and futurism, well set into music.

Musically, this (red) work differs tremendously from other bands of the genre, moving between rough beats, melodic guitar solos and psychedelic passages. The musical development of Menegroth is recognized nowhere better than on this album.

Highlight of the album for me is clearly the eleven-minute piece "Die Mönche des roten Zaren". A doomy song with a typical sluggish beat, complemented by Cautes raspy voice, an exemplary guitar solo and metallic drums.
That's all I have to say about this album, because I do not want to anticipate anything, nor am I willing to lean too far out the window and misinterpret the whole concept. Nevertheless, this release has my absolute recommendation, provided that you can see further than the end of your nose.

To the band I wanna address the following: Right on! A musical and above all ideological milestone that will stay the topic of conversations for the next few years. I'm excited where your journey will lead you in every way.

"From ruins risen: The world will be ours!"

-Sig P

Menegroth online: here 
Darker than Black Deathcamp: here 
Spreu & Weizen online cathedral:  here

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